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Low-Key Digital Creator

I have random passions - Disney, gaming, travel, food, and making money. But most importantly, I love Orlando. This is where I talk about my life.

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Behind the scenes of my life

I run an online marketing business called Urban Tastebud. I blog about Disney Parks (no lie, it's mostly about food) on Urban Tastebud Disney. And I started a side project called Boxeroni (a subscription box directory). Occasionally I make videos, but it's rare.

I consider myself a jack of all niches.

If something interests me deeply, I'll create content around it, no matter how random it is.

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I'm obsessed with a lot of stuff.

I'm pretty addicted to video games. But I also love running my business. I try to find new ways to make money, but some days I just want to go to Disney World with my wife. As random as my life may seem, there's two things that's always consistent - my love for the Seahawks and creating usefull content daily. Come take a peek inside my mind. Heck, you might even find some hidden gems in Orlando. ☺

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